Page Size Checker

Check the total size of your webpage

What is Page Size Checker Tool

The term "download page size" describes the entire amount of file material that the browser must download in order to display a certain webpage. As well as a few other file formats, this includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Images. Media items, such as photographs and videos, typically take up a bigger portion of the download file size than text files and offer the most potential for optimization. The size difference between the "Download" and "Raw" files is significant here.

Modern web protocols compress files while they are being transferred, so files that are downloaded are typically lower than their real or "raw" size. Any manual optimizations you make would therefore be made to the "raw" file. One of the main factors in page load speed, which has a direct impact on rankings, user experience, and conversions, is download page size.

How to fix it

Making sure your download file size is as short as it can be by deleting pointless files and optimising and minifying others is crucial. Though the average size of modern websites is steadily rising, 5MB is a good benchmark to aim towards.